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Never miss a task again.

Briefmatic automatically finds and keeps track of all your action items, so you'll never have to worry about dropping the ball on a task ever again.

Google Doc @-mention
To Do, Doing, Done
@ me in the doc and I'll get it done

Be the best team player in the business.

Briefmatic ensures you know whenever some @-mentions you in a document, so you can quickly and easily stay on top of  requests and demands from others.

Finally, a to-do list you can actually get done.

See how Briefmatic lets you work the way you want.

Task List Widget

See all your tasks in one easy sortable list.

Your Task List gives you a complete view of your action items and each items details such as comments, due dates and linked documents.

You can resolve directly from this list, or from the original source - Briefmatic keeps everything in sync.

Task Board Widget

Track your progress in a powerful kanban board.

Your Task Board gives you a workflow view, where you can customise your column lists and drag tasks between them.

You can also view details, add comments, set a due date, access the original source file and of course resolve whenever you're ready.

Task Scheduler Widget

Make time by scheduling in time for your tasks.

The Task Scheduler connects with your Google Calendar so you can simply drag a task into a free slot in your day to ensure you never miss a due date or deadline ever again.

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