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See, reply and resolve any emails you've starred in Gmail™.

Turn emails into actionable tasks.

Briefmatic is a task manager that connects you with emails from Gmail and your favourite collaboration apps.

So you can stop wasting time manually creating to-do lists, and get back to being awesome!

Try it for yourself, for free. Simply log in and then add Gmail via the Connections screen.

Easy Automatic Task Management

Gmail, a leading email service, facilitates efficient communication and collaboration for individuals and teams alike. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it's an excellent platform for managing emails, sharing information, and coordinating tasks. However, as email threads and conversations multiply, handling extensive comments and tracking tasks can become cumbersome. This is where Briefmatic comes in. By streamlining comment organization, task tracking, and team collaboration, Briefmatic complements Gmail perfectly, offering a seamless solution to tackle email clutter and enhance productivity for individuals and teams alike.

Connect to Gmail and your other favourite tools.

Simply log into Briefmatic, go to Connections, select Gmail, and follow the instructions.

‘Starred Emailsʼ in Gmail and @mentions in other tools.

Use Gmail's ‘Starred Emailsʼ on any message and it will instantly appear in Briefmatic.

Manage your work tasks the way you want.

Briefmatic lets you choose how to manage your tasks with List, Kanban and Calendar views.

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