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See and resolve your Google Tasks™.

See your Google Tasks alongside all your other action items.

Briefmatic is a task manager that connects you with action items in your Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Tasks, Gmail and more.

So you can stop wasting time manually creating to-do lists, and get back to being awesome!

Try it for yourself, for free. Simply log in and then add Google Tasks™ via the Connections screen.

Easy Automatic Task Management

Google Tasks, a fantastic task management tool, excels in helping individuals create and organize to-do lists efficiently. It's a valuable asset for personal productivity. However, when it comes to team collaboration and handling multiple tasks and comments, Google Tasks may fall short. This is where Briefmatic steps in as the perfect solution. As an innovative app designed specifically for team collaboration, Briefmatic streamlines task organization, tracks comments, and fosters seamless teamwork. With its specialized features, Briefmatic becomes the ideal tool to enhance efficiency and collaboration for teams, complementing Google Tasks' strengths and bridging the gap for successful group projects.

Connect to Google Tasks™ and your other favourite tools.

Simply log into Briefmatic, go to Connections, select Google Tasks™, and follow the instructions.

Manage your work tasks the way you want.

Briefmatic lets you choose how to manage your tasks with List, Kanban and Calendar views.

Keep using @mention in your favourite apps.

Any time anyone @mentions you in a connected app, you'll have a new task in Briefmatic.

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